Enjoying a Green Vacation at Aspen, Colorado.

The town of Aspen in Colorado is the most eco-friendly ski town anywhere in the world. We all owe it to the conscientious efforts of Aspen Skiing Company, the operator of Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass ski areas. Many companies focus on the financial rewards of their business endeavors, but not this company. The efforts they have initiated for the environment and resources conservation in Aspen and other ski areas they manage were rewarded with the Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award in 2007.

The company’s efforts in preserving the natural beauty of Aspen include its being the first ski resort to build green buildings and to procure wind power generators in the entire United States. The energy used in the ski areas are 100% renewable. They also have a non-profit organization of employees raising funds for mountain ecosystem protection.

If you are a nature lover and would indulge yourself to a peaceful holiday vacation, Aspen, Colorado can be the perfect getaway you have been looking for. This wonderful Colorado haven is located in the deepest gorge of the Gunnison River. This is also where you can enjoy the White River National Forest. Glacier-topped mountains are everywhere providing the panoramic sight for everyone to enjoy. The sound of the melted water rushing and feeding the Roaring Fork River makes the natural symphony of the place a real wonderland.

Moreover, Aspen in Colorado does not only offer skiing trips for many tourists and visitors. You will be surprised with the wondrous experience you can enjoy on your stay in this town. There are green activities that can preserve the environment as well as provide you with a healthy and relaxing vigor is available everywhere. Here are some suggestions you may consider on your trip to Aspen, Colorado:

Nothing can be so spiritually refreshing than a brisk walk in the morning to enjoy the sights and sounds of the place.

Mountainous areas can provide a challenging route to take on your bicycle. There are places you can find bike rentals in the place.

The entire area of Aspen can be an open area where you can be with Mother Nature the whole day and night.

Family outing can be active and fun with some food you can enjoy together on a sunny cool day in Aspen.

Aspen slopes are really famous for this snow activity. You can always enjoy and challenge yourselves on their slopes if you are more of the athletic person.

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